Our Bakery Products:

  1. Bakewell Tart
  2. Seed Cake
  3. Victoria Sponge
  4. Jam Tart
  5. Tablets
  6. Butterfly Cake
  7. Coconut biscuits

New Product!

This is our long waited Soft Cheese Cake!

Welcome to Black Bird Bakery Café

Welcome to the Blackbird Bakery Café website where you can feel at home, just like you do in our café!

At the Blackbird Bakery Café we believe is old fashioned and delicious home baked goods. Remember that apple pie that your mum makes? Or those fairy cakes that your grandmother would bake for you in order to greet you from school? We want you to remember and love those mouth wateringly good moments again and again at our café.

We love to bake such British classics such as bakewell tarts, Chelsea buns, Tracle tart and Victoria sponge. We also love to experiment with our flavurs a little too, although we do like to think that we stay pretty true to the original (and often best) recipe.

All cakes, biscuits, sweets and other delights baked at the Blackbird Bakery Café we make with the very best ingredients.


The way that we see it, there is no point in using sub-standard products as you will only end up with sub-standard treats. And what’s the point in a cake that’s simply not lip smackingly delicious?!

So visit us at the Blackbird Bakery Café to try out our smashing cakes, desserts and nibbles. You don’t need an occasion to treat yourself. In the words of Lewis Carroll’s Mad Hatter in ‘Alice in Wonderful’, ‘a very unhappy birthday to you’. True words indeed. (Well true for all days but one of course!)